Capturing RGB Format Video with Magewell USB Capture Dongles

This blog introduces how to use Magewell USB Capture dongles to capture RGB format video.

USB Capture
RGB Format Video

Introduction to Director Mini’s USB-C Port Functions

Director Mini provides a multi-function USB-C port that supports three modes: MTP, UVC+UAC and DP+USB HUB.

Director Mini
USB-C Port

How to Add Phone Camera Sources to Director Mini Shows

This article explains how to add smartphone cameras to a Director Mini show.

Director Mini
Phone Camera Sources

Configuring Dual-Channel Encoding with Director Mini

This tutorial will describe how to configure the two encoding channels of Magewell Director Mini.

Director Mini
Dual-Channel Encoding

Streaming into Microsoft Teams Live Events with Ultra Encode AIO

This blog post explains how to configure Ultra Encode AIO to stream into Microsoft Teams.

Ultra Encode AIO
Microsoft Teams

Director Mini Feature Overview: Keying

This blog provides a brief overview of the Chromakey feature.

Director Mini