USB Fusion Feature Overview: Wireless Screen Sharing

Starting with firmware version 2.4.14, USB Fusion offers support for wireless inputs using popular content sharing technologies.

USB Fusion

Using Magewell Ultra Encode AIO to Stream to Multiple Destinations with Different Audio Channels

This article explains a cost-effective solution using Magewell Ultra Encode AIO stream to multiple destinations with different audio channels.

Ultra Encode AIO

Controlling a PowerPoint Presentation with the USB Clicker Feature of Magewell USB Fusion

Users can use the virtual USB Clicker feature of the USB Fusion to control a PowerPoint presentation running on the computer connected to the device's USB OUT port.

USB Fusion
USB Clicker

Recording Live Video to Files on Network Attached Storage with Magewell Ultra Encode AIO

This blog explains how to record live video to files on a NAS device with Magewell's Ultra Encode AIO advanced live media encoder.

Ultra Encode AIO

Scheduling Live Streaming & Recording with Magewell Ultra Encode AIO

Ultra Encode AIO advanced live media encoder allows users to schedule live streaming as well as recording to media files.

Ultra Encode AIO
Streaming Schedule
Recording Schedule

Video Processing Features of Magewell Ultra Encode AIO

Magewell Ultra Encode AIO offers high-quality video processing including color adjustments and overlays such as text, images and a clock.

Ultra Encode AIO
Video Processing