Three Login Modes of the USB Fusion App

USB Fusion supports three different login modes to meet varying security and use case requirements: Free, Password, and Pairing.

USB Fusion
Login Mode

Configuring Sleep Mode on Magewell USB Fusion

Users can configure the Sleep mode through USB Fusion's intuitive Web GUI, with the device automatically going to sleep after being idle for the specified period of time.

USB Fusion
Sleep Mode

Configuring the Audio Synchronization of Magewell Pro Convert AES67

This blog introduces how to configure the PTP profile of Magewell's Pro Convert AES67 multi-format IP audio converter and capture device.

Pro Convert AES67
Audio Synchronization

Pro Convert AES67 Feature Overview: the Audio Matrix

This blog provides an overview of the audio matrix's features of Magewell Pro Convert AES67.

Pro Convert AES67
Audio Matrix

USB Fusion Feature Overview: The Web Camera Interface

This blog looks at the capabilities of the WEB CAMERA interface of USB Fusion in more details.

USB Fusion
Web Camera Interface

Tutorial: Capturing Audio Sources into Video Conferencing Software with Magewell’s Pro Convert AES67

This article introduces how to capture audio sources into conferencing software with Magewell's Pro Convert AES67. 

Pro Convert AES67
Video Conferencing