All cards in Magewell's Pro Capture family of PCIe capture cards support low latency capture. This article explains Pro Capture cards' low-latency mode and partial notification function.
The HDMI models of the Magewell I/O product line support 3D signal input and capture. Supported 3D modes include Side-by-Side Half, Top-and-Bottom, and Frame Packed.
This article focuses on how to use Magewell MWCapture SDK to implement the capture, rendering and encoding of one-channel 4K@60Hz signal using the GPU on a Mac computer.
The mw_mp4 module is part of Magewell MWCapture SDK, which is mainly used to encapsulate encoded audio and video data into MP4 files dynamically during the process of capturing.
The mw_venc module is a part of Magewell MWCapture SDK V3.3, which helps developers to leverage the GPU acceleration to do H.264 or H.265 encoding.
This article mainly introduces how to obtain ANC data by using SDK.
This article aims at explaining to developers of XI_SDK2 or MWCaptureSDK how to upgrade their developing environment and applications to Magewell Capture SDK 3.3.x.x.
This article mainly introduces how to call SDK interface in Dshow
This text mainly introduce how to use MWCapture SDK to change the A/V input interface of capture device.
This article mainly introduces how to use MWCapture SDK to capture multiple channels of audio.