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User Manual for USB Fusion
Language: English |
Update: 2023/02/03

USB Fusion Firmware V2.3.1
Version: V2.3.1 |
Language: English |
Update: 2023/02/02
  1. Web UI supports binding buttons on the device to specific scenes, including default, auto and custom modes.
  2. Web UI enhances the GFX function, supporting adding pictures and text at the same time, providing multiple pre-built templates, and providing layers and stroke functions.
  3. Web UI supports selecting an HDMI device as the global microphone.
  4. App supports USB Clicker to control the PowerPoint on the computer connected to the USB OUT port, supporting such functions as page up/down, full screen and black screen.
  5. App supports editing video source, including setting in/out the video and setting playback policies, such as start policy, end policy and switch policy.
  6. App supports customizing the annotation toolbar to only show the preferred annotation tools and hide the tools not needed.
  7. App supports deleting media files imported into the USB Fusion, including picture, video, PDF and music files.
  8. Optimize UI design.
  9. Fix known issues.