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Director Mini User Manual
Language: English |
Update: 2023/12/29

Director Mini Firmware V2.3.576
Version: V2.3.576 |
Language: English |
Update: 2023/12/22
  1. USB-A ports support smooth capture of YUYV 50/60 fps input.
  2. HDMI ports support stable capture of 50/60 fps input.
  3. USB-C port supports UVC/UAC output (1080p60@YUYV, 1080p60@NV12).
  4. Encode supports H.265 (HEVC).
  5. NDI®  supports H.265 encode and decode.
  6. NDI HX input supports PCM audio.
  7. Supports Bluetooth audio input.
  8. Supports multiple USB audio inputs simultaneously.
  9. Add global audio settings so users can select default mixing mode for new audio input.
  10. Live streaming supports RTMPS protocol.