Ultra Encode HDMI
Ultra Encode HDMI

A Flexible & Affordable Universal Encoder

SKU: 531100000

  • Live H.264/H.265 streaming
  • Supports streaming protocols including SRT, NDI®|HX, HLS & more
  • Suitable for various network environment

* The former SKU (530400000, 530400001) has been discontinued . For any further questions, please consult the Magewell sales team.


Specifications and Features

Input Features

  • Support for up to 4096x2160 4:4:4/4:2:2 30fps or 4096x2160 4:2:0 60fps input and loop through signals
  • Support for 48KHz, 16-bit 8-channel audio streams
  • Input audio from 3.5 mm LINE IN

Encoding Features

  • Dual stream encoding profiles: main stream and sub stream (Max bitrate: 16Mbps)
  • Support for H.264/HEVC video encoding
  • Encoding 2-channel AAC at 48kHz, 16-bit

Streaming Features

  • Natively support streaming to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube
  • Supported streaming protocols: RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/SRT Caller/SRT Listener/NDI|HX2/HLS/TS over UDP/TS over RTP
  • Allow streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously (select protocols)


  • Internet connectivity via wired Ethernet and wireless network
  • Remote control via Web GUI and Control Hub
  • Provide HTTP APIs
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44.1 MB | 2023.09.22


* This firmware applies to Ultra Encode HDMI Rev B.

  1. Support importing and exporting the configuration information.
  2. Support auto reboot.
  3. Support display serial number, device name and network IP through text overlay.
  4. Optimize preview thumbnails.
  5. Change the default no-signal image.
  6. Support Facebook backup stream.
  7. Support custom setting of video encoding bitrate.
  8. Fix known issues.
Documents User Manual for Ultra Encode HDMI/SDI
English | 5.27 MB | 2023/08/11


Power Adapter (US/EU/UK/AU/JP)x1

Part number: ACC08010

Power Adapter (KR) x1

Part number: ACC08015

USB 2.0 Type B cable x1

Part number: ACC00065

HDMI Cable x1

Part number: ACC00090

Wi-Fi Antenna x1

Part number: ACC09021

T-bracket x1

Part number: ACC02241

Two types of power adapters are provided as options to meet your need. Please choose the right part number when placing the order to our dealers. We recommend you always use the included accessories to avoid unnecessary damage to your device. Please note, the appearance of the power adapter may vary due to suppliers or batches. The images here are for reference only.