Pro Convert HDMI Plus Module
Pro Convert HDMI Plus Module

Converts an HD HDMI input signal into high-bandwidth NDI® with loop-through

SKU: B40210000

  • A hot-swappable module to be installed in Magewell Modator chassis
  • Supports up to 4096x2160 60fps (4:2:0) or 30fps (4:4:4), down-converting them to HD NDI
  • Centrally manageable via the Modator chassis and Magewell Control Hub

*Magewell also offers the standalone form-factor of the same specification.


Specifications and Features

Input & Loop-Through Features

  • Support for up to 4096x2160 4:4:4/4:2:2 30fps or 4:2:0 60fps HDMI input and loop-through
  • Supports 8-channel HDMI-embedded audio

NDI® Encoding Features

  • Support for up to 2048x2160 120fps 4:2:2 8-bit NDI encoding
  • Sends NDI streams across network segments
  • Encodes 8-channel NDI-embedded audio
  • Supports NDI 5.x

Features & Advantages

  • Very low latency
  • Configure through the touch screen of Magewell Modator chassis, Web GUI or Control Hub
  • HTTP-based APIs for custom integration