DisplayNote Teams Up with Magewell to Enhance Meeting Room Flexibility

September 22, 2022— Belfast, Northern Ireland: DisplayNote, the meeting room collaboration technology company, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Magewell, the award-winning developer of innovative video interface and IP workflow solutions. The new alliance brings together DisplayNote's easy launch for video calls with Magewell's plug-and-play AV signal capture capabilities to achieve increased functionality and flexibility in hybrid meeting spaces.

DisplayNote's Launcher bypasses the drawbacks of traditional meeting room technology and modernises these spaces by supporting today's most popular video conferencing tools. Magewell's plug-and-play USB Capture Gen 2 devices let users easily and reliably bring HDMI or SDI video signals into Zoom®, Skype®, Teams®, GoToMeeting® and other popular conferencing software. The integration of Launcher with Magewell devices allows any user to take full advantage of the joint solution and enjoy a feature rich hybrid meeting experience.

“We are delighted to be working alongside Magewell to enhance our product offering,” comments Ed Morgan, COO of DisplayNote. “The video capture expertise of Magewell gives Launcher users the ability to seamlessly access a video input from the meeting room display. This facility complements the overall product feature offering of Launcher, as well as making the employee experience more useful and enjoyable.”

“We are excited to collaborate with DisplayNote to further improve hybrid meetings for their users,” said Amy Zhou, Director of Sales at Magewell. “Our USB Capture devices make it exceptionally simple to bring AV sources such as cameras and attendee laptops into almost any software application, and the combination of our hardware with DisplayNote's Launcher is expected to significantly enhance the user experience for DisplayNote's customers.”

With DisplayNote Launcher installed, users of hybrid meeting spaces can easily access the full range of video conferencing platforms used by their organisation clients and start or join meetings and calls with just one touch. From the Launcher home screen, the user can then select an external source and use that within the Teams or Zoom call for example. For the user, Launcher means even quicker access to tools they want to use in the call or meeting. For the IT admin this means less time setting rooms up and less time supporting these rooms. At the end of the call, the Automatic Cleanup feature clears the user's footprint by removing any sign-in information and clearing any browsing history. This keeps all data safe and secure and meets the corporate and IT Admin requirement need for simplicity and security.