Magewell Bridge for NDI®

Magewell Bridge for NDI® is a software tool that works with Magewell’s capture and I/O devices to generate or receive NDI® streams over Ethernet. It makes it easier for you to merge into the NDI®-enabled workflow.

Extensive Compatibility

The software is designed to work with all the Magewell capture product families by automatic detection. It also works with a broad range of NDI® sender products to receive NDI® stream.

Multiple Sources Simultaneously

Up to 4-channel 1080p, you can either use the software with a Magewell multi-channel ingest card, say Pro Capture Quad HDMI, to generate NDI® streams simultaneously or you can also use the software to detect and receive available NDI® streams for local preview (two view modes are optional).

*The supported number of simultaneous sources depends on the specifications of your host computer.

Intuitive Control of Output Settings

While you can simply follow the native format of your video source, you can also configure the settings of resolution, frame rate, and color space before sending it out as NDI®.

Flexible Setting for Failover

In case the current input signal fails to be sent as NDI®, you can select other available NDI® streams either generated by the computer or Magewell NDI® converters as the backup source.
NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. in the United States and other countries.