Instruction of mw_venc Module

The mw_venc module, which is part of Magewell MWCapture SDK V3.3, helps developers to leverage the GPU acceleration to do H.264 or H.265 encoding. The module provides a simple and unified interface for all AMD graphic cards, NVIDIA discrete graphic cards and Intel Integrated graphics.

In order to use this module, users of your software shall check if the driver of the supported graphic card is up to date and you shall include the header file mw_venc.h in your codes.

Steps of using mw_venc module:

  1. Get the GPU number through the interface 'mw_venc_get_gpu_num', get the GPU information through the interface 'mw_venc_get_gpu_info_by_index'.
  2. Create the encoder through the interface 'mw_venc_create_by_index'.
  3. Put the encoded frame into the encoder through the interface 'mw_venc_put_frame', it will trigger the callback function.
  4. Destroy the encoder through the interface 'mw_venc_destory'.

The mw_venc module works with Magewell I/O families, ranging from Pro Capture, USB Capture (Plus) across Windows, Linux and Mac OS to Eco capture on Windows and Linux platforms.