How to upgrade the old SDK versions to Magewell Capture SDK 3.3.x.x

Introduction of Magewell SDK versions

XI_SDK2 (or known as “SDK 2.0”) is a Windows-based SDK for the first generation of Magewell capture devices.

MWCapture SDK (or known as “SDK 3.0”) is a Windows-based SDK for Magewell Pro capture family.

Magewell Capture SDK 3.3.x.x. (or known as “SDK 3.3”) is a Windows-based SDK for all the released products manufactured by Magewell, which Magewell keeps upgrading in the future.

How to upgrade the developing environment to SDK 3.3

The definitions of APIs remain unchanged. Towards your SDK 2.0 or SDK 3.0 based developing environment, you only need to modify the directory of head files and library that you’ve include. You don’t need to change how you call the APIs.

How to upgrade your application to use SDK 3.3

You don’t need to recompile your application after you include the run-time library in SDK 3.3 . Please note If any parts of MWCaptureSDK 3.3 are included in your to-be released products, you should redistribute the product together with the MWCaptureRT.exe (In the MWCaptureSDK 3.3.x.x\Runtime) using a silent installation. You are not allowed to copy or move any files within Magewell’s Run-time library to your to-be-released products.