How to call SDK interface in Dshow

 SDK provides extended interface IMWCaptureExtension for using in DirectShow application:

  1. Obtain device information, input signal information and different event notification;
  2. Obtain and change A/V input interface;
  3. Obtain and set i/o image format, de-interlace, cropping, etc
  4. OSD overlay
  5. Obtain and edit EDID information

Users can call SDK interface on DirectShow application according to following steps:

In all, header file "MWCaptureExtensionIntf.h" almost provides all the interfaces that cover MWCapture SDK, so users can easily use different features of MWCapture SDK on DirectShow application, which also makes the application development more flexible and simple.


Examples \ DShowExamples \ FilterProperty contains a demo for the method mentioned above.