Use the interface to obtain abnormal device list.

Abnormal devices include:


URL ip[:port]/sc_cloud/scapi/get-warning-devs?module=0
Data Format Response: Content-Type: application/json

Request URL

Parameter Description
module Product family ID.

Request Cookies

Parameter Description
mwcloud-sid A string value that is used to uniquely identify user logged-in.
mwcloud-uid Current logged-in username.

Request Example

GET /sc_cloud/scapi/get-warning-devs?module=0 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*
Cookie: mwcloud-sid=OCXWUMGEYPGIAWWOETYXPNMVHDZIAZJP; mwcloud-uid=Admin;

Response Parameters

Response Header
Parameter Description
Content-Type Value: 'application/json; charset=UTF-8'
Response Body
Parameter Description
result Result code. The options are as follows:
  • 0: success.
  • Other values. For details about the result codes, please refer to API Status.
warning-devs Abnormal device list.
Parameter Description
catalog-id Device group ID.
sn Serial number.
module Product family ID.
dev-warning A number greater than 0 indicates the device has warning(s). The value and mask value in Status Mask of Abnormal Device perform binary logic "and" operator. There might be multiple warnings.
For example, if (dev-warning & 0x01)=== 0x01, means the device has no signal.
is-everyone Whether the device is available for all users. 0: no; 1: yes.
users Operators of the current device when the value of "is-everyone" is 0.
apply-date Time of applying to join the cloud.
online-date Device online state. A number greater than 0 indicates the device is online, otherwise it is offline.
is-upload-file Whether the device is uploading the firmware. 1 indicates it is uploading. Otherwise, it is not.
Update usage refers to update procedures.
upload-file-pos The upload process in percentage.
status Information of hosted device.
Parameter Description
name Product name.
product-id Product model ID.
module-name Product family name.
hardware-ver Product hardware version.
firmware-ver Product firmware version.
up-time Equipment uptime in seconds.
cur-status Current device status mask refers to Status Mask of Abnormal Device.
eth Ethernet IP.
wifi WI-FI IP.
upgrade-ret Firmware update status code refers to API Status Code.
Update usage refers to update procedures.
upgrade-step Current process of the firmware update procedure, there are 4 steps in total.
upgrade-percent Update process in percentage.

Response Example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
  "result": 0,
  "warning-devs": [
      "catalog-id": 2,
      "sn": "D301210104248",
      "module": 1,
      "dev-status": 0,
      "network": "",
      "is-upgrade": 0,
      "users": null,
      "is-everyone": 0,
      "apply-date": 1635216013,
      "online-date": 1635402331798,
      "offline-date": 1635402327768,
      "cpu": [],
      "mem": [],
      "net": [],
      "net2": [],
      "net3": [],
      "sid": "2ee065cb8edd6c3e63d3fa72e5634acd",
      "status": {
        "name": "Ultra Stream D301210104248",
        "product-id": 769,
        "module-name": "Ultra Stream HDMI",
        "hardware-ver": "D",
        "firmware-ver": "1.5.179",
        "conn-ip": "",
        "up-time": 103558,
        "eth": "",
        "sd-total": 31249055744,
        "cur-status": 64,
        "wifi": "",
        "input": "No Signal",
        "output": "",
        "usb-total": 0,
        "usb-free": 0,
        "usb-used": 0,
        "usb-status": 0,
        "usb-usage": 0,
        "sd-free": 9576153088,
        "sd-used": 20599160832,
        "sd-status": 1,
        "sd-usage": 68,
        "rec-codec": "1920x1080, 30.00, 2048 Kbps",
        "rec-sec": 0,
        "rec-kbps": 0,
        "live-codec": "1280x720, 30.00, 1024 Kbps",
        "live-sec": 0,
        "live-kbps": 0,
        "ndi-connected": false,
        "ndi-url": "",
        "ndi-enabled": false,
        "rndis": "",
        "ndi-name": "",
        "ndi-video-width": 0,
        "ndi-video-height": 0,
        "ndi-video-scan": "",
        "ndi-video-field-rate": 0,
        "ndi-audio-sample-rate": 0,
        "ndi-audio-channels": 0,
        "ndi-audio-bit-count": 0,
        "upgrade-ret": 27,
        "upgrade-step": 0,
        "upgrade-percent": 0,
        "usb-option": 1,
        "sd-option": 1,
        "CPUStatus": 26,
        "NetStatus": 72296,
        "MemStatus": 10,
        "Net2Status": 10328,
        "Net3Status": 0
      "is-upload-file": 0,
      "upload-file-pos": 0,
      "dev-warning": 3

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