Use the interface to obtain status and parameters of the Cloud, including CPU, memory, network, Cloud security policy, abnormal hosted device statistics, and logs of hosted device and Cloud.


URL ip[:port]/sc_cloud/scapi/get-status
Data Format Response: Content-Type: application/json

Request Cookies

Parameter Description
mwcloud-sid A string value that is used to uniquely identify user logged-in.
mwcloud-uid Current logged-in username.

Request Example

GET /sc_cloud/scapi/get-status HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*
Cookie: mwcloud-sid=OCXWUMGEYPGIAWWOETYXPNMVHDZIAZJP; mwcloud-uid=Admin;

Response Parameters

Response Header
Parameter Description
Content-Type Value: 'application/json; charset=UTF-8'
Response Body
Parameter Description
result Result code. The options are as follows:
  • 0: success.
  • Other values. For details about the result codes, please refer to API Status.
status Cloud status.
Parameter Description
system-info Cloud information.
system-status Cloud performance.
app-settings Cloud security policy.
all-count The number of hosted devices.
warning-count The number of hosted devices with warnings.
pending-count The number of applications waiting for approval.
online-count The number of online devices.
cur-convert-count The number of current stream conversion tasks.
cur-srt-count The number of current input and output SRT streams.
license-reg Available licenses added to Cloud.
cur-license Current effective license.
warning-devs The latest device warnings. You can obtain the warning device list by using get-warning-devs.
dev-logs The latest device logs. You can obtain logs of a specified device by using get-dev-logs.
sys-logs Part of cloud logs. You can obtain the Cloud running logs by using get-logs.
Parameter Description
date-time Current system time in seconds.
cloud-version System version.
Parameter Description
cpu CPU utilization.
mem Memory usage.
net-tx Network transmit throughput.
net-rx Network receive throughput.
Parameter Description
is-code Whether an invitation code is needed when a device registers for Cloud remote control. 0 indicates No, 1 indicates Yes.
code-value 4-digit invite code. NULL indicates no code.
is-http Whether to allow HTTP access to Cloud. 0 indicates No, 1 indicates Yes.
http-port HTTP port.
is-https Whether to allow HTTPS access to Cloud. 0 indicates No, 1 indicates Yes.
https-port HTTPS port.
is-cert-valid Whether CA certificate is valid. 0 indicates invalid. 1 indicates valid.
is-certkey-valid Whether private CA certificate is valid. 0 indicates invalid. 1 indicates valid.
Parameter Description
status Status code of license. The options are
  • 0: add license is valid.
  • -20: default license is used since no license is added.
  • -107: the authorized license has expired.
  • -10: license error.
    user-name License title.
    sn License SN.
    license Authorized license information.
    Parameter Description
    max-dev-count Maximum number of hosted devices.
    max-convert-count Maximum number of stream conversion tasks.
    max-srt-count Maximum number of SRT inputs and outputs.
    limited-date License validity in seconds.
    Parameter Description
    name Product name.
    SN Serial number of device.
    module-name Product model name.
    hardware-ver Hardware version.
    firmware-ver Firmware version.
    dev-warning Whether the device has warnings, 0 indicates not; 1 indicates yes.
    is-online Whether the device is online.
    Parameter Description
    id Log ID.
    date Log generated time in seconds (unix timestamp).
    info Log description.
    type Log type. 1: information; 2: warning; 3: error.
    sn Serial number.

    Response Example

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
      "result": 0,
      "status": {
        "system-info": {
          "date-time": 1634891748,
          "cloud-version": "1.1.1"
        "system-status": {
          "cpu": [],
          "mem": [],
          "net-tx": [],
          "net-rx": []
        "app-settings": {
          "is-https": 1,
          "https-port": 443,
          "is-cert-valid": 1,
          "is-certkey-valid": 1,
          "is-http": 1,
          "http-port": 80,
          "is-code": 0,
          "code-value": "NULL"
        "all-count": 18,
        "warning-count": 13,
        "pending-count": 0,
        "online-count": 7,
        "cur-convert-count": 7,
        "cur-srt-count": 3,
        "license-reg": {
          "status": 0,
          "user-name": "magewell-ltd",
          "sn": "9C4E************F769",
          "license": {
            "max-dev-count": 100,
            "max-convert-count": 3,
            "max-srt-count": 2,
            "limited-date": 1769904000
        "cur-license": {
          "max-dev-count": 100,
          "max-convert-count": 3,
          "max-srt-count": 2,
          "limited-date": 1769904000
        "warning-devs": [
            "name": "Ultra Stream",
            "SN": "xxx",
            "module-name": "Ultra Stream SDI",
            "hardware-ver": "A",
            "firmware-ver": "1.0.0",
            "dev-warning": 1,
            "is-online": true
        "dev-logs": [
            "id": 3366,
            "date": 1634891480,
            "info": "Offline.",
            "type": 2,
            "sn": "xxx"
        "sys-logs": []

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