Use the interface to obtain APP related settings.

Request Mode

POST http://ip/mwapi/get-app-settings

Response Body

    "status": 0,
    "pairingMode": 2,
    "pairingEnable": 1,
    "pairingCode": "2275",
    "ssdp-port": 1900,
    "control-port": 9000,
    "stream-port": 9110,
    "encodeMode": 3,
    "resolution": "1280x720",
    "duration": 333333,
    "video-bitrate": 2048
Name Description
status 0 indicates a successful data acquisition. Refer to API Status Codes to find specific description for other values.
pairingMode The login mode. 0: Free login 1: Password to login 2: Pairing to login
pairingEnable Whether Pairing to login is enabled. 0: No 1: Yes
pairingCode The pairing code in plain text
encodeMode The encoding mode of APP preview scene.0: SD, 720p 1: HD, 1080p 2: Auto 3: Customized
resolution The resolution
duration The frame rate
video-bitrate The video bitrate
ssdp-port The SSDP port
control-port The TCP port
stream-port The SRT streaming port

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