Use WebSocket to establish a connection to monitor the device status change information.

Request Mode


Response Body

Name Description
event The event type
info The event information

event type

Name Value Description
MSG_WEB_SORKET_EVENT_START 4000 The start identifier, no meaning
MSG_WEB_SORKET_EVENT_CHANGE_INFO 4001 The device information change event
MSG_WEB_SORKET_EVENT_END 4002 The end identifier, no meaning


Value Description
2000 The presentation list is changed.
2001 The presentation is switched.
2002 The scene list is changed.
2003 The current preview scene is switched.
2004 The BGM list is changed.
2005 The BGM playing status is changed.
2006 The source list is changed.
2007 The album list is changed.
2008 The audio setting is changed.
2009 The FTB enabling status is changed, and the status data can be obtained by /mwapi/get-device-status.
2010 The recording status is changed.
2011 The scene edit mode is changed, such as: {"event":4001,"info":{"editSceneId":104,"editing":1,"statusType":2011}}
2012 The source is changed (the capture source signal is plugged in or out), such as: {"event":4001,"info":{"sourceId":1,"statusType":2012}}
2013 The landing scene list is changed.
2014 The current selected landing scene is changed.
2015 The general settings of the device are changed.

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