USB Capture Utility


Input Signal Status

If you need to disable the deinterlacing function, please set this option to “OFF”. The default setting is “ON”.

Firmware upgrade

Current firmware version of the dongle

The latest version available for upgrading

Bulk Mode

Faster transmission speed, up to 360Mbps, but possible compatibility issues with Mac systems.

ISO Mode

Compared to the Bulk mode the transmission is slower, up to 240Mbps, but with better compatibility.

Firmware repair

If the firmware is damaged, there will be an option to Repair the dongle. To use this function, start by connecting the dongle to a USB 2.0 socket. Enter the serial number (which can be found on the rear of the dongle) before using the Repair button. When completed, power-cycle the dongle by removing the cable from the computer’s USB 2.0 port and re-connecting it to a USB 3.0 port.