Television has become the first platform for people to get information, and its importance is irreplaceable. However, the traditional TV can only passively receive information instead of selecting information, and what is more, it is not clear enough. If you miss the program, you can not go back to watch it. There problems urge people to explore new technologies.

In recent years, due to internet, its accessories are generated. IPTV, which is transmitted by IP internet, is one of them. It has been rapidly developed with broadband network. IPTV treats television, personal computer, and handheld device as the terminals, by set top box or broadband network of the computer, it provides service of digital TV, time-shift TV and interactive TV. IPTV has created a new TV model for people. It has changed the passive model of traditional TV and realized video on demand model.

IPTV has increased the pace of construction of informationization. It has enriched the internet application, reduced the cost, and improved the efficiency. Nowadays, it is the excellent description as how digital media is changing our life, and will surly change people’s traditional habits of getting information

The Architecture of the Solution

Streaming Media

Magewell Solution

The core technology of IPTV is to capture video signal by computer. During the whole process, it needs high video capture card to capture TV signals to computer. Magewell 6-channel stream media capture card has leading technical structure. It is based on A/V Codec + FPGA + DDR2 + PCI-E and adopts professional ADI/Wolfson chips, which brings high quality audio and video experience. The high-speed DDR 2 frame buffer and self-developed image DMA transmission model in FPGA can avoid drawing image. The FPGA, which was only used in high-end industry, brings more powerful processing capability. Hardware can get updated without replacing components. It can simultaneously capture 6-channel Composite video and 6-channel unbalanced stereo audio. It is able to realize hardware 5-Tap scale, hardware image clip and mirrored images, hardware de-interlacing, hardware Overlay and hardware Gamma adjustment. The high image sample rate and high sample precision rate ensures the sharpness of image. The high SNR minimizes the noise of the image. The high image sample rate and high sample precision rate of audio minimizes the distortion while the high SNR guarantees the purity of the sound. Such video capture card, with so many functions, is only 123mmx69mm, which can be installed in 2U chassis. The accessory includes 1 low profile PCI baffle plate. Complete driver is provided.Our developers have 10-year experience of stream media. The self-developed driver adopts AV Stream driver and is compatible with a majority of Windows stream media applications. Customers do not need to do secondary development. All the electric capacity adopts high-quality ceramic capacitors produced by Murata, Japan. The design is 6-layer. The performance is better than 2 or 4- layer products when they work at its full capacity for long hours, satisfying 24 x7 requirements.

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