Pro Capture Mini HDMI Cards

One channel HD capture card
  • HDMI + embedded audio

*You can order this model with different heat sinks. Check the Part Numbers below for different options.

PN: 11112
Pro Capture Mini HDMI

PN: 11110
Pro Capture Mini HDMI SH

PN: 11111
Pro Capture Mini HDMI LH

* There will be a slight difference between the heights of heat sinks. The height for P/N: 11111 is around 11mm while that of P/N: 11110 is about 7mm.

Pro Capture Mini HDMI

One channel HD capture card
Part number:11110
  • HDMI + embedded audio



PCIe 2.0
Capture 2k x 2k
Compatible with Windows
Compatible with Linux
Compatible with Mac OS X
Up/down Scaling
Multiple Streaming
Automatically Detecting Input Signal
High-fidelity Video Processing Pipeline
Image Control
Various Output Color Spaces
SG-DMA Transmission Mode
Multiple Devices on One Host
Hardware Time Stamp
Mounting Hole
High-speed Memory
Firmware Upgrade
Common Driver
Continuously Work for 24h x7
1-year Warranty


SHD to HDMI type A breakout