Pro Capture Family

Rich Functions

Compatible with Windows & Linux
and Mac OS X

Multiple Streaming

One video source can be output as multiple streams to different software. The resolution, frame rate, deinterlacing mode, image control, etc of each stream can be different. For example, users can live broadcast, record and preview a skiing contest simultaneously using Flash Media Live Encoder, Capture Express and Windows Media Encoder.

Magewell Video Engine

The hardware of Pro Capture Cards and the video engine support 4:4:4 10 bit RGB and YUV. The cards have rich video processing functions, such as up/down scaling, cropping, hue / brightness / contrast / saturation adjustment, deinterlacing, color space conversion, etc. Video Processing is done by hardware to achieve ZERO CPU usage.

4:4:4 10 bit, YUV or RGB

Hardware Timestamp

This function can synchronize the audio and video in multiple capture channels of multiple cards. The capture device will mark the audio and video according to the time they arrive in the card and the format of the time stamp is XX:XX.XXX . Magewell cards will stamp twice: the first time is when the audio and video enters the card, and the second time is when the audio and video are fully stored in the on-board memory. The user’s application will process audio and video according to the time stamp so that them will be synchronized. The accuracy of the timestamp is as high as 100 ns.

Support Time Code

The cards can analyze the time information (hour, minute, second and frame) in HDMI signal output by Sony / Canon DSLR. The time code format the card can get is SMPTE. This function can be used to synchronize different input signals.

Support Most SDI standard

Users can capture almost every SDI output device, such as high-end video cameras (HD/3G-A SDI), switchers (3G-B SDI) and movie cameras (2k SDI).

Support OSD of image, logo and caption

Software such as Flash Media Live Encoder and Windows Media Encoder do not have the function of OSD. With Pro Capture Family, users can save the investment in software but also overlay their logo on the video. If Magewell SDK is used, dynamic video can also be overlaid on the captured video. Any form of OSD is done by hardware, causing 0 CPU usage.


Outstanding Performance

PCIe 2.0

By using PCIe 2.0 high speed interface, date transmission should be doubled compared to the first generation capture cards. The actual data transmission rate can be

  • 200 – 800MB/S

    First Generation Capture Cards

  • 400 – 1600MB/S

    Pro Capture Cards

Real Frame Rate

The real frame rate Magewell Pro Capture single channel cards can reach while capturing Full HD video is as below.

  • 86.85fps

    1080p 60Hz 8bit 4:2:2

  • 63.90fps

    1080p 60Hz 8bit 4:4:4

DMA Transmission Mode

Pro Capture cards support NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video and AMD DirectGMA technology. Captured data will be transferred directly from the video engine to the graphics memory. This process is completely done by FPGA, and CPU is not involved.


Low-latency Mode

Super-low processing and transmission latency down to 64 video lines. For example, the capture latency of 1080p 60Hz and YUY2 can be lower than 1 ms.


low-latency mode

low-latency mode & partial notification

Superb User Experience

Auto-detection of Input Signal

When users plug in the cable, the card will automatically detect the input signal and link the audio input with the video input. The signal format can also be analyzed. Users do not need to manually choose the video and audio to capture, nor select the resolution, frame rate, etc.

Multiple Cards on One Computer

Multiple Magewell cards can be mounted in the same computer and work simultaneously. Users can set the number on the rotary switch on each card. The number will appear as part of the name of the cards in device manager and video capture software. This function is especially useful when multiple same cards are mounted and the user wants to locate a certain card quickly.

Universal Driver

A universal driver and a firmware upgrading software are provided for all the cards in Pro Capture Family so users do not need to look for the driver/firmware for a certain card. Driver installation and firmware upgrading are automatic.