Press Releases

Magewell announces one new capture card XI204XE
Nanjing, China, March 9th, 2012—Magewell releases a new video capture card XI204XE. This new card can capture different kinds of video signals, including SD, HD and other HD digital signals. You can connect it with DVI, HDMI, VGA, component formats of signals, and meanwhile it can capture A/V signals.
Magewell releases a new capture card XI102XE (standard size)
Nanjing, China, April 20, 2011—Magewell today releases a new video product XI102XE (standard size). XI102XE (standard size) has great performance and adopts 2 BNC interface to capture SD images which is more solid and stable.
Magewell introduces a new capture card XI102XE (low profile)
Nanjing, China, April 20th, 2011—Magewell releases a new video capture card XI102XE (low profile) today. It creatively combines VGA and SD video together which can capture 1-channel HD + 2-channel video signal.