Press Releases

Final Acceptance of Orders Notice
Due to chip and other component supply constraints, Magewell will stop accepting new orders for some models from the First Generation Devices. The current lead time of these cards is also affected.
Magewell Adopts Xilinx FPGA for Pro Capture Family
Magewell is proud to announce that it has successfully adopted Xilinx FPGA for Pro Capture Family video capture cards for one year. With the powerful FPGA by Xilinx, the capture cards are able to achieve better performance and have more functions.
Magewell Announces NewTek NDI™ Integration
Magewell’s industry-leadingcapture cards and NewTek’sground-breaking IP technology transforms broadcast video production workflow.
Magewell Announces Mac OS X beta driver for Pro Capture Products
April release of Mac OS X beta driver, joining Windows and Linux drivers, ensures ubiquitous compatibility across all operating systems.
Magewell Announces Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus Capture Devices
Industry-leading Ultra HD capture card for broadcast,video wall, and gaming applications begins shipping globally this May
Magewell Moves to new offices!
Magewell is pleased to announce that we are moving to a new office on March 8th, 2016. The new location offers a better working environment for staff and more spaces for R&D activities. The move will be completed by March 11th, 2016.
Statement regarding fake Magewell Video Capture Devices
Recently Magewell has found some video capture devices that are of very similar appearance and fake Magewell products or products made by modifying a Magewell product. Those products are sold using Magewell brand or other brands.
Overseas Shipping Not Available from Dec 18, 2015 to Jan 3, 2016
China, Nanjing, December 1 st, 2015—Due to auditing by the Tax Office, the overseas shipping of Magewell will be temporarily unavailable from December 18, 2015 to January 3, 2016.
Magewell releases a new capture card family- Pro Capture Family
China, Nanjing, September 9th, 2015—Magewell today announces the new video capture card family, Pro Capture Family. This family includes standard PCIe cards and Mini PCIe cards, both using PCIe 2.0 high-speed interface. Pro Capture Family is designed for professional A/V industry. The cards have outstanding performance, rich functions and bring clients great user experience.
Magewell has released new housing for the dongle series
China, Nanjing, April 28th, 2015—Magewell today upgraded its dongle series with new housing, including XI100DUSB-HDMI and XI100DUSB-SDI. The upgrade is mainly replacing the original plastic case with a silver metal housing.