Terms and Conditions of Limited Warranty of Hardware Products

Warranty Statement

The Statement introduces products warranty offered by Nanjing Magewell Electronics Co., Ltd(hereafter called “Magewell”),including services and support information provided to original purchasers (“purchaser”or “you”).

The “terms and conditions of limited warranty of hardware products” only apply to “Magewell” brand hardware products you purchased from our authorized agents or distributers. The after sales warranty starts from the date you purchased the product which can be found on the sales contract unless Magewell has informed you in written form.

Magewell warranty aims to solving hardware failure during normal usage. Users need to follow steps in the user guide. Magewell is not liable for any failure or cost that is caused by user’s misuse, mistakes, accidental behaviors, abuse and etc.

Limited Warranty

The free limited warranty service starts from the date on your proof of purchase. The proof can be: sales contract, formal sales receipt and invoice. The earliest date of these proofs is the starting date of the free limited warranty.

The period of free limited warranty goes as below:

  • The period of limited warranty for capture cards/capture boxes/capture dongles is one year.
  • The period of limited warranty for the accessory switching cable, adapter is one year.
  • The accessory, Low-Profile brackets are not included in the free limited warranty.

How to get the limited warranty

  1. Please contact Magewell support team by email (support@magewell.net) first to make sure whether your problem can only be solved by returning to Magewell for repair.
  2. If it is confirmed by Magewell that you need to return the faulty products for further examination or repair, Magewell will issue a RMA to you. Please fill in the RMA with necessary information required as below:
    • (1) Client’s name, address, zip code and telephone;
    • (2) Product serial number. You can find the information on the label of the product or on the UI of related software;
    • (3) Purchase Proof (for example, scanned copy of invoice or sales contracts);
    • (4) Brief description of the problem.
  3. If it is regular repair, you will be responsible for the shipping cost, duties and insurance cost (if applicable); if the product is DOA, Magewell will be responsible for the shipping cost.
  4. Pay attention to the following before returning the products:
    • (1) Provide full sets of products according to the product list of the original package. If there is any missing component, please attach a note;
    • (2) The original Magewell package is preferred.
    • (3) If more than one product shall be returned, please pack them in individual bags; the ESD-safe bag originally provided by Magewell is preferred or please use a bag that can provide good buffer during transportation to avoid further damage to the faulty units.
  5. When the warranty is still valid and some components need to be replaced, Magewell will decide to repair, renovate or replace the components by itself. Magewell will decide to use new or repaired component to repair the product. The repaired product can work normally and the performance can remain the same. Repaired products can work in a good working condition and at least functions are the same as part of the original unit. The original replaced component will become property of Magewell and components which are replaced for the client will become his/her property.The period of service depends on client’s location (country and area) and the product.
  6. When the warranty is invalid, Magewell will inform purchasers whether the products can be repaired and the maintenance costs they need to pay. If purchasers decide to repair, Magewell will repair, renovate, or replace the components after receiving the maintenance costs. If purchasers give up repairing, Magewell will return the product.
  7. The repaired or replaced product assumes the remaining term of the Warranty or ninety (90) days from the date of replacement or repair, whichever provides longer coverage for you.The extended warranty is only valid for repaired/replaced components.

Purchasers’ Responsibility

Before repair, you need to:

  1. Remove all the non-Magewell accessories and any other third party hardware, including but not limited to storage card or any other accessories that does not belong to Magewell or which does not have warranty;
  2. Ensure the product or its component does not have any legal obligation or limitation in case it may be replaced during repair;
  3. If this product is not your property, please get the authorization agreement (written form) first. Its owner must agree and authorize you to send the product to the service center and get the warranty service;
  4. Please operate according to the service process of the authorized service center.
  5. Backup all the data saved in the product or its component. Magewell is not labile for any data lost, or damage of any directory of the data storage media;
  6. Provide all the system keys or passwords to the authorized service center so the authorized service center can enter your computer easily and do its duty, and remove any confidential or personal information saved in the product. Magewell is not liable for the disclosure of such information.

Exception Clauses

To the maximum extent permitted by laws, Magewell is not liable for any express, implication, oral agreement or other unless it is clearly described in terms and conditions of this warranty, including but not limited to implications or guarantee of marketability, being non-invasive, qualification, or others for specific purposes.

Magewell does not provide free warranty for the following cases:

  1. Failure caused by not following the “User Guide” or “User Manual”;
  2. Damage or failure due to the following reasons:
    • Misuse or abuse;
    • Incorrect installation, operation or maintenance;
    • Incorrect connection to peripheral equipment or any third party’s products;
    • Use non-Magewell accessories or spare parts;
    • Repaired by persons who are not authorized by Magewell;
    • Accidental or deliberate damage or damage caused by natural disaster;
    • Damage caused by continuous unstable voltage;
    • Damage caused by any liquid;
    • Damage not due to product material or workmanship;
  3. Without valid Magewell product serial number;
  4. Problems due to random or non-random software;
  5. Damage caused by non-manufacturer’s accessories and related equipment or devices manufactured by a third party;
  6. PCB broken, scratch or out of shape; PCI baffle plate twist deformation; Mechanical damage of IC component;
  7. Other breakdown or damage which is not due to product design, technology, manufactory, or quality;
  8. The limited warranty expires;
  9. Transfer of ownership, this warranty only applies to original purchasers;

Limitation of Liability

If purchasers send the product to Magewell or service center without a RMA, Magewell and service center shall not take any responsibility for this product.

Magewell is only liable for damages caused by the two situations as below:

  1. when the product is at Magewell’s office;
  2. when Magewell is responsible for the delivery from its office to your location.

Neither Magewell nor your service provide is not liable for any direct or indirect damage or lost due to data lost, including confidential information in the product or exclusive or personal data. You shall delete and/or backup all the information in your product before you carry in it.

Magewell, its subsidiary bodies, providers, service providers, agents and resellers are not liable for the accessory software (authorized to purchasers) and its quality, performance, merchantability, and practicability for specific purposes. Magewell, its subsidiary bodies, providers, service providers, agents and resellers make no commitment that functions of accessory software will not break off, or not include virus or errors. Software and documents are provided according to terms and conditions of the user license agreement of the accessory software unless otherwise warranty is stated clearly in related authorization agreement.

If defects exist in the material or fabrication, purchasers’ only and exclusive solutions is to follow terms and conditions of the above warranty.

Magwell, its subsidiary bodies, providers, service providers, agents and resellers are not liable for the following incidents:

  1. Any damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, accidental, punitive, or joint damage, user data loss, profit loss or business interruption;
  2. Any loss or damage that is due to wars, strikes, industry movement, stoppage, fire accident, explosion, social unrest, lightning stroke, earthquake, rebellion, natural disaster and other natural phenomenon, or any other reasons which cannot be controlled by Magewell.

Magewell reserves all the explanation rights towards the final warranty. Magewll may modify the above terms and conditions without further notice at any time. The latest modified terms and conditions will automatically become effective immediately.

Statement of Privacy Policy

Purchasers agree Magwell to collect, use, save, process or disclose users’ information for the purpose of purchasers:

  1. For the purposes of providing products or service.
  2. Magewell and its branches can provide information regarding products or service to purchasers, including but not limited to research of users’ satisfaction, product recall and other issues regarding security.
  3. In order to implement this limited warranty;
  4. Other requirements by laws.

Contact Us

For more information about Magewell service and warranty, please visit http://www.magewell.com or you can send your request to us by email support@magewell.net.

Explanation Rights

Wherever purchasers buy Magewell products, Magewell reserves the explanation right to the warranty.

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