End-of-Life Notification of XI100DE-HDMI-4K and XI100DE-DVI-4K

NANJING, CHINA– APRIL 20, 2016 –According to the EoL(End of Life) policy, Nanjing Magewell Electronics Co., Ltd. today announces XI100DE-HDMI-4K and XI100DE-DVI-4K are discontinued.

XI100DE-HDMI-4K and XI100DE-DVI-4K are the first generation of 4K capture cards released by Magewell in 2013. Now Magewell has released Pro Capture HDMI 4K to replace XI100DE-HDMI-4K. The new 4K card adopts a new design, has more functions and are compatible with more popular operating systems. Developers can use the powerful SDK for Pro Capture Family to make the most of the card. Moreover, the MSRP of the card remains the same as XI100DE-HDMI-4K. Magewell is going to launch Pro Capture DVI 4K very soon to replace XI100DE-DVI-4K.

If you need to purchase XI100DE-HDMI-4K, please contact Magewell Sales Team for the MOQ. Orders for XI100DE-DVI-4K are not accepted from 28 September, 2016.