Product Recall (Updated in Aug, 2016)

China, Nanjing, August 30th, 2016——Magewell is undertaking a voluntary recall of the multiple channel cards of the Pro Capture Family, which include Pro Capture Dual HDMI, Pro Capture Quad HDMI, Pro Capture Dual SDI, Pro Capture Quad SDI and Pro Capture Dual DVI.

What problems do the cards have?

Users using X99 chipset motherboard will have problems with the mentioned card. The two kinds of problems that might occur are:

  • Tearing appear in captured image or the image is not horizontally aligned .
  • When the card captures multiple channel simultaneously, the system BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).

How do I know whether the cards need to be recalled?

Please check the hardware version of the cards. (How to check the hardware version of your Magewell product). Check it against the table below.

Model Hardware version Need to be recalled or not
Pro capture dual HDMI
  • A1
  • A2
  • Possible
  • No
Pro capture dual SDI
  • A2
  • B2
  • Possible
  • No
Pro capture dual DVI
  • A1/A2
  • A3
  • Possible
  • No
Pro capture quad HDMI
  • A2
  • A4/A5
  • Possible
  • No
Pro capture quad SDI
  • B1
  • C1
  • Possible
  • No
  • If “No”, you don’t need to send the card back because the product has been redesigned to solve the problem radically. Please note that the redesigned product DOES NOT need a chip as mentioned in the next paragraph to be compatible with X99 chipset motherboard.
  • If “Possible”, please check the end of the card to look for a EEPROMS chip. If there is no such a chip, the product needs to be recalled. If users of X99 chipset motherboard notice that the chip is not on the card, they can send the card back for repair. It is not necessary for users who do not use X99 chipset motherboard to return the card to Magewell even if the chip is not on the card, unless they really want to. Examples of every model are shown below.


Pro Capture Quad HDMI with the chip


Pro Capture Quad SDI with the chip


Pro Capture Dual SDI without the chip


Pro Capture Dual DVI without the chip


Pro Capture Dual HDMI without the chip

Where should I send the card to?

Users should send the card back to where they bought the products. For example, if they bought the cards from a Magewell’s reseller, the cards should be returned to the reseller. If they bought from online shop such as B&H or directly from Magewell Sales Team, please contact Magewell Sales Team at Please include the product serial NO. in the email. Magewell Sales Team will reply with a RMA and the recall process.