Review Pending Approvals

Each approval represents a remote device waiting for a cloud-join permission.
  1. Enter the Pending Approval page from Cloud left navigation pane.
  2. To review pending list, check the box and make your decision to approve, reject, or delete the cloud-join applications.

    • Passed applications go to All Devices page where you can assign tasks to devices or group the units by your work plan.

      20 registrations are allowed to pass at most, which means online and offline devices should be no more than 20 in total. If you need to remotely manage more devices, please contact your Magewell Cloud dealer for additional licenses.

    • Denied applications will be shown in Rejected Devices tab. After being deleted from Rejected list, you may re-create a registration for Magewell Cloud.
  3. To clear rejected applications, check the box and click Delete.

  4. To check device info, click the right arrow > at the end of the line, and check serial number, device type, Ethernet IP address, firmware version and hardware version.

    Displayed parameters vary depending on family category. Ultra Stream shows as follows.