Manage Approved Devices

You can remotely control approved devices through Magewell Cloud.
  1. Enter the All Devices page from Cloud left navigation pane.
  2. Choose one or more devices listed to
    • start/stop recording or streaming,
    • move to a specific group,
    • update, reboot or delete current unit(s).
      • Note
      • Batch update requires the same model and hardware version. Firmware file needs to be uploaded in the Firmware page with administrator rights.
      • The upper-left icon indicates that the current unit needs troubleshoot with encounter problems listed at the Warnings page>
  3. Rename a device.
    Hover the cursor over the device name and click the pencil icon to input a new name, then click OK.
  4. Configure device parameters.
    Access the WebGUI tool by click the icon, then set parameters for your device only when the Status of the unit is Online.
  5. Refresh device list.
    Click icon at the upper-right of the page to get all approved and ungrouped device.