Tutorial 4: Add Devices to Magewell Cloud

Read this tutorial to learn how to add a device to Magewell Cloud so that you can remotely control it.

Step 1. Apply for joining Cloud from device

  1. Access WebGUI of your device, then
    • For Ultra Stream/Ultra Encode, go to General > Cloud page from left navigator pane.
    • For Pro Convert encoder and decoder, go to System > Cloud page from navigator pane with administrative account.
  2. Click Register.
  3. Input check code, cloud address and http port in the pop-up window.

    To ensure the communicate between device and cloud platform, the device should be able to ping the cloud address during the hosted period.

    Go to Set Security Policy for advanced security requirements.
  4. Save after configuration, then the device automatically sends the cloud-join application to Magewell Cloud.

Step 2. Review the cloud join application using Magewell Cloud

  1. In Magewell Cloud login page, sign up with administrative account and go to Pending Approval tab.
  2. Check the box before device in the Pending Approval page and choose Accept to grant the permissions requested.

Step 3. Check Cloud state at device web UI

The device displays as the figures after the registrations been approved.

Step 4. Assign user(s) for joined devices

  • Move approved devices to a group and assign cloud user(s) to manage them.
  • Step 5. Manage device

    Approved devices are allowed to group, monitor, configure and maintain through Cloud platform.