Manage Device Groups

Set groups and assign operators for each group as a security improvement.
You can create device groups to control which devices can be taken specific action on by assigning the device group(s) to users.


  • Administrator account can manage all the devices and groups hosted to the cloud platform, and assign user permissions for each group and device.
  • General account are allowed to check and configure assigned device, but unable to modify device grouping.
  • Devices are accessible to administrator only if not being assigned.
  1. Enter the Groups page from the navigation pane.
  2. To create a new group
    Click +, enter group name in , and click to save configurations.
  3. To edit groups

    4 layers of group folders can be added, and each group can be renamed, set security policy, and deleted by clicking icon.

    • New: adds a child group in the current group.
    • Rename: inputs a new name in the and click to save modification.
    • Security: assigns user(s) for parent/child groups, then the specified user can be used to check devices associated with the account.
    • If a group is deleted, the devices being contained would go back to All Devices page waiting for reassigning.
  4. You can access device's webGUI for detailed parameters configuration by clicking the icon.