Tutorial 1: Install Magewell Cloud with Docker on Linux

Read this tutorial to learn how to install Docker on Ubuntu so that you can run your Magewell Cloud image.


Before moving forward, make sure you meet the following prerequisites. Here's what you need:

  1. A Linux server either a physical one, a virtual machine or in a cloud server. Refer to the recommended configuration for the server system.
  2. Docker and Docker Compose installed on your Linux server. If you need help follow docker installation guide(Linux). Similarly, you can follow the docker-compose installation tutorials on Ubuntu. Some knowledge of Docker and Docker Compose is good to have.
  3. Some experience with shell and Linux commands since there's a lot of movement in there.
  4. Here we use Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.

    If you are using this tutorial in the future (from present time reference) and there is a much newer version of Docker and Linux version, please use those versions.

Step 1: Download auto_config script file

Run the following command to download the auto_config.zip script file from Magewell website.

wget http://www.magewell.com/files/tools/auto_config.zip 

Step 2: Unzip auto_config.zip

unzip auto_config.zip 

Step 3: Set file Permissions

Run chmod 777 and the file will be readable, writable and executable by all users.

chmod 777 auto_config.sh

Step 4: Execute script file


Step 5: (optional) Update Cloud

Here takes update Cloud to 1.1.20505 version as an example to illustrate the upgrade command. And ./Downloads is the root directory of download files, and the update file is sc-cloud-1.1.20505.tar.

sudo /data/sc-update.sh ./Downloads/sc-cloud-1.1.20505.tar

Post Deployment

  1. To access Magewell Cloud: open your browser and input IP address of Linux server, and 80 the default HTTP with the form as http://IP address:80.

    Then you should see a screen as the figure below.
    The default admin username and password both are Admin, case-sensitive. After the initial login, we highly recommended that you secure access by changing the default password.

  2. To connect your device to Magewell Cloud, go to Add Devices to Magewell Cloud Tutorial.