Magewell Cloud platform is designed for 24/7 continuous status monitoring, remote configuration and management for Magewell devices and I/O streams. You can go and see cloud supported Magewell products here.

Real-time Monitoring Magewell Cloud&Your Devices

Check cloud states of CPU, memory and network conditions, device states of working on the Dashboard page.

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Managing Pending Approvals

The Magewell Cloud allows you to view the tasks waiting for your approval. You can do this from the Pending Approval page.

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Managing Approved Devices

You can remotely control hosted devices through Cloud platform on the All Devices page.

Learn how to manage approved devices>

Managing Device Warnings

You can check and troubleshoot all device warnings from the Warnings page.

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Managing SRT Live Server

Administrator can connect SRT pull and push streams from the SRT Relay Server page.

Learn how to configure SRT services>

Managing Stream Conversion Tasks

Administrator can set live stream transmuxing from the Stream Conversion page.

Learn how to convert live streaming delivery formats>

Managing Cloud Settings

Administrator is allowed to set HTTP(S), manage firmware files and cloud logs, and add cloud operators.

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Grouping Devices

Administrator is allowed to divide all units into several groups which are assigned to specific users from the Groups page.

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