Release Notes

Release 2.1.51 (05/31/2024)

  1. Support for managing recording and streaming tasks of registered Director Mini via Control Hub.
  2. Support online updates for Control Hub deployed on Windows and Mac OS.
  3. Optimize the License function.
  4. Fix known issues.

Release 2.1.44 (01/25/2024)

  1. Support one-click recording and streaming for Ultra Encoder AIO and Ultra Encoder PLUS.
  2. Support reset for Control Hub.
  3. Add importing and exporting Control Hub profiles.
  4. Add password complexity check for user management.
  5. Add support for ECDSA HTTPS SSL certificates.
  6. Add operation log.
  7. Add presets for inputs and outputs when adding channels.
  8. Add list mode and sorting function for the device list, channels, inputs and outputs.
  9. Fix known issues.

Release 2.1.30 (10/12/2023)

  1. Add support for Director Mini.
  2. Add session expiration.
  3. Fix known issues.

Release 2.1.16 (07/31/2023)

  1. Provide a new user management and permission system.
  2. Add user-visible security configurations for devices and device groups, which can be configured based on user groups or individual users, and introduce the concept of security configuration inheritance.
  3. Add an option for global security configurations in general settings for devices.
  4. Fix known issues.

Release 2.0.88 (07/21/2023)

  1. Fix the issue that unsuccessful saving of user's password change results in password recovery after reboot.

Release 2.0.87 (07/03/2023)

  1. First official release.