People have higher requirements towards HD video. The internet communication technology and digital storage technology has been developed rapidly. 1080P HD video conference has become a new convenient method which enables the free broadcast and share of words, documents, pictures, applications and other multimedia information. They will not be restricted by time, space or location. It is fit for schools, hospitals, business hotels, governmental departments, restaurants, public transportation or etc. 1080P HD video conference has improved the quality of communication. The efficiency of search engine is faster and the transmission speed is faster. It has provided a valuable communication tool for business, remote education, remote medical, government and charity. People have higher requirements towards the display terminal of video conference, including large-size image, high clearness, and multiple users. The outstanding display effect, flexible multi-users, and display method can ensure the audio and video is real-time captured. The smooth operation, image display of high resolution and high clearness will be the environment standards of video conference.

Video capture device—video capture card, is very vital to high clearness. In order to get high resolution image, the HD conference room will be equipped with 720p video capture device (16:9 standards) at least. Therefore, video conference, if camera is needed, will use HD video capture card. HD video capture card will display high resolution content (for example: weather diagram, design, chart of accounts, maps, or medical photos), and makes it easy for specific industries which rely on vision communication. With the development of society, people ask for timely, concrete, and complete information. High-quality communication needs to use colorful, vivid and mobile video communication method. Therefore the development of HD video conference will bring revolutionary effect towards people’s life and work.

The Architecture of the Solution

Video Conference

Magewell Solution

Magewell HDMI HD capture card has high performance and low cost. It supports HDMI interface, Y/Pb/Pr HD interface (RCA), S-Video SD interface (DIN-4), CVBS SD interface (BNC), which is compatible with 1080p. No matter what is captured, either video, words, picture, or website, the captured image is clear and stable. It has satisfied users’ requirements to the maximum extent. It can dynamically switch various resolutions and occupy little CPU. The efficient DMA further releases CPU and users can use CPU to do other work. The card has powerful stability, and can continuously work. The size is small and meets the Low-Profile standard. It supports 2U chassis and adopts PCI-E x1 slot. It can be used in regular PCs and its price is low, which can satisfy users’ requirements of video conference.

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