Live streaming has seen tremendous growth over the past few years with increased access to high bandwidth internet connections and more powerful PC computers. Anyone with a relatively modern PC and a good internet connection can broadcast their in up to 1080p resolution. This has been especially true for gaming content, as gaming live streams are the most watched and demand the highest quality visuals. Gaming content broadcasters want their content to be in full HD and have a smooth 60fps frame rate. Gaming content broadcasters need to capture their latest HD consoles along with classic gaming consoles with various resolutions. Live streamers also want to capture their HD camcorders to use with chroma key and other advanced production effects. Finally, many live streamers work in a mobile environment, having to go from event to event and needing to quickly setup a broadcast.

The Architecture of the Solution

Magewell Solution

Magewell offers a variety of capture of capture cards that for both novice and professional live streamers. For novice live streamers the recommended capture devices are the Pro Capture AIO and the USB Capture HDMI. The Pro Capture AIO is an easy to use PCIe capture device that will allow a new live streamer, particularly a gaming streamer, to capture a variety of HD and SD sources. For the mobile live streamer, the USB Capture HDMI is recommended. This tiny device can fit in your pocket and is capable of capture up to 1080p 60fps. The USB Capture HDMI is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports and both Windows, Linux and OSX. A more advanced live streamer may need to capture multiple HD inputs. The recommended devices for this solution would be the Pro Capture Quad HDMI or SDI. With one of these devices you can have multiple cameras, consoles, etc all being captured in full HD on one PC. These capture cards can automatically detect and adjust to any resolution sent along with precise high sample rate to ensure sharp image quality. The capture cards can also be used to capture high quality audio from mixers or digital audio through HDMI. Finally, Magewell drivers have been developed to easily work with the broadcaster’s preferred streaming software, with little to no extra configuration needed.

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