First Generation Capture Device

Capture Box Series

USB3.0 capture boxes series support HD interface (VI/VGA/HDMI/YPbPr/SDI) as well as SD interface (CVBS). They can capture one channel/multi-channels HD/SD or mixed HD and SD signals, which provides users with mobile capture solutions. The HD capture can reach 1080p/60.

This series includes: XI104XUSB, XI100XUSB-PRO, XI006AUSB, XI200XUSB.

HDMI Capture Card Series

HDMI capture series adopts PCI Express interfaces, including one/dual/quad channels HD HDMI capture. The dual/quad HDMI capture cards support 3D signals. Users can choose the model flexibly. The HD capture can reach 1080p/60.

This series includes: XI100XE, XI200DE-HDMI, XI400DE-HDMI.

SDI Capture Card Series

SDI capture series provides the complete SDI capture solutions, which covers one channel capture (including one loopback), dual channel capture (including dual loopback) and quad SD/HD/3G-SDI capture cards. The capture is of high quality and offers professional features for video processing. The power consumption takes up only 1/2 of similar products.

This series includes: XI100DE-SDI, XI200DE-SDI, XI400DE-SDI.

DVI Capture Card Series

DVI capture series adopts DVI-I. Its capture includes DVI/VGA/HDMI/YPbPr and etc, with the resolution at 1080p/60. It has the best automatic VGA detection, including automatic detection of timing and phase, and supports long-distance DVI/HDMI input cable.

This series includes: XI100XE-DVI, XI200XE-MINI.

Hybrid Capture Card Series

The Hybrid series can be used to capture both HD (DVI / HDMI / VGA / YPbPr / SDI / CVBS) and SD signals. No need for extra PCIe slots nor multiple cards. One card to meet customer’s individual needs.

This series includes: XI102XE, XI102XE-HD, XI104AE, XI204XE, XI100XE-PRO.

Ultra-HD Capture Card Series

This series includes HDMI 4K card and DVI 4K card. The input resolution can reach 4096*2160/30 or 3840*2160/30. The HDMI 4K card meets HDMI 1.4 standard and 3D signals. The DVI 4K meets Dual Link standard.

This series includes: XI100DE-HDMI-4K, XI100DE-DVI-4K.

CVBS Capture Card Series

CVBS series can capture multiple CVBS signals, with each channel at D1/30fps. No video tearing and it is compatible with PAL/NTSC. It can automatically detect the input video.

This series includes: XI006AE-PRO.