Capture Studio

Multi-channel HD Videos Integration

  • It can realize the seamless splicing of up to 6 input HD videos to produce video up to 1920 x 1080 30 Hz.
  • It can overlap current system time, logo and caption on video.

Multi-Screen Projection

  • Integrated HD video can be projected on multi-screen.
  • Support 7 kinds of video layouts, include picture in picture, 4-channels screen, 6-channels screen, etc.
  • Support the projection to 3 extension screens at the same time.

Simultaneous Recording and Streaming

  • MP4 File recording can be running with live streaming.
  • Support software and hardware video encoder. It has good compatibility with various operating systems.
  • RTMP live streaming is compatible with Flash Media Server, Red 5, Wowza, etc.

Simultaneous Recording and Streaming-1.0